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Surf at Paul do Mar

For several years, Paul do Mar was closely connected to the sea; until the late 60s, the only access to the village was by boat, needless to say that the fishing tradition in this village is very important. After that, a small road was built and now new roads offer a good access to this calm village.
The first records of wave searching in Madeira was back in the 70s, when a group of foreign surfers found by chance Paul do Mar.
Currently, there are about 37 sites in Madeira that have excellent conditions for the practice of water sports such as Surf / BB. Most of these waves have World Class features, placing the region among the best areas for the practice of surf in the world.  Because of its form and diversity, Madeira waves present the perfect conditions for the practice of Surf/BB to all kinds of surfers - from the less experients to the ones that surf in real waves.

Paul do Mar Beach is located in the coastline of ​​an old fajã.  The access to the beach is possible by several existing stairs along the waterfront.

This beach offers the perfect natural conditions besides the set of concrete blocks in the east coast of the beach in order to protect some houses that are very close to the shoreline. This little detail doesn't change a single thing about the wave lines.

The water is normally transparent, allowing to observe the bottom composed by big rocks. This requires surfers to be more aware of the inputs and outputs of the sea. It is therefore a desirable place to advanced level surfers, although it allows learning Surf / BB during the summer.

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